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Born February 14, 1997
Registered Minature Horse Mare



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    Valentine is the pint sized horse in the herd.  Valentine is a registered Minature Horse.  Because of her tiny size (34" high), she is often mistaken for a pony but she quickly reminds everyone (especially Dugan) that she is a real horse.....not a pony. Even though she is tiny enough to share a stall with Dugan and Tucker, she insists on having her own stall beside of Bucky.  She is good friends with Tucker and Tuff but not so much with Dugan.  We purchased Valentine from a family who's son had outgrown her and gotten his own horse.

    Valentine is a favorite in the barn as a therapy horse, and a trusted "Leadline pony".  Because of many years of experience with small children being ridden on a leadline, Valentine is not as confident on her own.  She is learning to be ridden independently by working with several children.  She is a protective and careful horse when being ridden by a small child or beginning rider.

    Her cute personality and good looks make Valentine a quick favorite to visitors.