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Born:  April 27, 2006

Grulla Quarter Horse Mare


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When we purchased "Twinkle", we thought her name, AIN'T GONNA DO RITE, was a mistake, and renamed her "Twinkle".  As we have gotten to know her, we have learned why she was named AIN'T GONNA DO RITE.  Twinkle is mischevious and naughty.  Although she has wonderful manners, and a sweet nature, "Twinkle" just can't resist a good joke, or poking her nose where it doesn't belong.  She and Dugan are often partners in crime ( if you can believe that).   We purchased "Twinkle" from Gary Hull who trained her himself.  She has a smooth gait and is a very flexible and soft ride. (Well for most people. Some people get their skills tested from time to time, just when they least expect it.)  Twinkle gives the best hugs in the barn, and is always a shoulder to cry on. 

Twinkle is a Silver Grullo who was kown as “LuLu” at Red Hills Quarter Horses, her original breeders. She has a pretty impressive pedigree. "LuLu" was the first baby out of "Nifty Lou Jac", her sire. "Nifty Lou Jac has been shown NRHA, AQHA, NFQHA, & FQHA . "Jac" was shown in Reining, Working Cowhorse, Roping, and Halter. He has points in all. "Jac" is 97.6% foundation. He is registered in multiple associations (8). "LuLu's" grandsire is "Hes A Nifty Jac" and he has NRHA COM, AQHA ROM, IBHA-Superior Reining, Multiple ROMs, Multiple Honor Rolls, 1990 NRHA Top Ten Limited Open, He was sired by Million Dollar Sire "Hollywood Jac 86" he was a NRHA Hall of Fame stallion, World Champion, Top Ten World Show, Superior Halter, Rom in Performance, NRHA money-earner, and Halter point earner.

"Hollywood Jac 86" dam was "Miss Hollywood" who had a ROM in Performance. "Hes A Nifty Jac's" dam was "Nifty Rosa Lee" who was a producer of multiple point and money-earners. She was sired by "Nifty Bee". He was an AQHA High Point Performance horse in 1965. ROM in performance in 1963, NCHA money-earner, Halter & Performance point earner. 3 Halter, 91.5 Performance, $89 NCHA earnings. "Jac's" dam "Miss Holly Lou" was a NRHA money & Performance horse producer. Sired by "Holly 7 John" who had Halter & Performance Pts., and a ROM in Performance in 1964 in Open ReiningSire of Superior Horse ROMs & Point earners. NCHA money-earners($1 5,750), NRHA money-earners($8,056.14) and was also out of "Easter King". His dam "Holly Smoke" was a producing mare out of "Hollywood Gold"

"LuLu's" great grandsire on her dams side was the famous "The Ole Man" He had a SI-100, AAAT, 33-8-4-7, LTE.$21,156. Stakes;Wins-2, 2nds-1 , 3rds-3. 1966 RUI 400 st LIGHTING BAR MEMORIAL HANDICAP. 1966 ALB. 400 1st State Fair Stallion Stakes, 1966 LA 350 2nd Vandys Flash Handicap; 1966 RUI 440 3rd Ruidosa championship stakes. Died in 1995. Was sired by "Three Bars" who was AQHA Hall Of Fame, 28-12-3-1 ,$20,840. Won: Speed H, He was sired by "Percentage" who won the Cincinnati Trophy, Pontchartrain H, and 87-19-22-18, $42,187. "Three Bar's" dam "Myrtle Dee" won $5,509; 15-5-1-3. She was a dam of race money-earners. "The Ole Man's" Dam "Chicado V" was the 1951 Ch. QTR. Running Filly. She had a SI-100, AAAT, Stakes Winner, ROM Race(18 race pts)Her sire "Chicaro Bill" was a Race ROM producer. Grandson of "Chicle" who was inported to the US in 1914,Born in France, raced in the USA, was a stakes winner, and was the leading USA sire in 1929. Also on Bottom side was "Eternal Ben" who had a Show ROM, and was a Show ROM sire.

"Twinkle" knows she is special and looks forward to rubbing it in at any chance.  She has learned her job quickly and loves to work, whether it is trail riding, showing off in the arena, or playing a new game,  "Twinlke" is all about getting involved.  Sometimes she doesn't even have to be invited.