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Throughout history, horses have co-existed with humans.  Hunted for food, harnessed to pull heavy loads, and finally ridden on journeys or to war.  They have born kings, warriors, cowboys, and explorers.  They fill an important role in the development of many civilizations and continue to fill our stories, dreams, and fantasies with images of mighty warhorses, fleet racers, winged pegasus, mystical unicorns, one trick circus stars, and Christmas ponies.

At Jake's Flat Farm, our horses are an integral part of our lives and those who visit the barn.  They are companions, teachers, and an invaluable part of our therapuetic team.



Why Horses?
       There are many things that make horses unique as animal companions, and co-teachers.

  • Horses offer us unconditional, nonjudgmental acceptance.
  • Horses don't lie. They give us honest, immediate feedback while forcing us to be honest in return.
  • Horses authentically and clearly express all of their feelings: fear, confusion, boredom, playfulness, anger, power, confident, mischievousness.
  • Like a giant mirror, they reflect how we’re feeling and our emotional health.
  • Horses are fully present in the moment which serves as a calming power that melts away stress, helps us gain perspective on our everyday lives.
  • Horses coat, breath, sounds, and smell provide a powerful sensory experience that triggers memories and emotions.
  • Horses are herd animals. They prefer contact with others to being alone.
  • They give us connection to another living being and teach us about relationships, social skills and a nurturing, caring style of leadership.
  • Horses are large powerful animals. Through them we face our fear, take risks, and explore our issues with power and control.

    We invite you to experience the dynamic of having a horse be your co-teacher or part of your team.

All of the horses are specially chosen for their skill set and personality which allow them to be effective members of our team.  Visit their page and get to know each one, or better still arrange to meet them in person!


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