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  • The therapeutic trail at Jake's Flat Farm was created by and for Carolina Hoofprints using a variety of resources. 
  • The North Carolina Horse Council provided a grant which funded materials such as lumber for signs, and a mounting platform.
  • Sayer, a local Eagle Scout, adopted our trail as his Eagle Scout Project and provided labor to clear and mark the actual trail.
  • Jake's Flat Farm, contracts with Carolina Hoofprints to provide the land and insurance for the trail site, as well as some of the heavier maintenance such as tree removal and excavation.

We hope to continue to develop and improve this trail as opportunities for support and resources become available.  Watch our "What's New?" Page for more developments.  If you or a service organization is interesting in supporting this project some of the items on our wish list are: 

        1. having the trail mapped and marked with signs
        2. Creating a picnic/teaching area along the trail
        3. continued improvements to the trail such as railings, steps, erosion repair.
        4. develop a tactile/sensory component to the trail

We would love to talk to you about your ideas and suggestions to making our trail better and more fun.

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