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The barn at Jake's Flat Farm offers a haven to both horses and clients.  The quiet routine of the barn provides a pleasant space for conversation and activity.  A barn offers the sound of horses eating hay coupled with the smells of leather, shavings, hay and horses.  The experience of being tucked in the barn during a heavy rain or listening to dozing horses on a lazy summer afternoon is unique and memorable for both children and adults.

Our barn has 7 roomy stalls, a generous aisle and tack room.  Our office and waiting area are also in the barn and can be accessed from either inside or outside of the barn.

All of the horses and ponies at Jake's Flat Farm are permenant residents and as such have their own stall and designated equipment storage area.

Because clients frequently choose to hold their session in the barn as opposed to my office, visitors to the barn are scheduled by appointment only in order to protect our client's privacy.

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During the school year:
Tues-Friday  4:00-8:00
Saturday      8:00-4:00

Summer and Holidays
Monday-Friday 8:00-5:00
Saturday 8:00-4:00
Check the Calendar for activity schedules

While we encourage people to visit our barn and engage in our activities, we must insist that visits too the barn are scheduled by appointment only in order to protect client privacy and insure the safety of visitors.  For clients arriving early, or whom are accompanied by friends or families, we ask that they remain in their car in the parking area until their scheduled appoitment or they are greeted by a staff member.  We must insist that all children not participating in a scheduled session remain in their car or waiting room with their parent and not be allowed to wander in the barn or pasture.  Jake's Flat Farm, especially the barn, is a NO SMOKING, NO FLIP FLOP ZONE.